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# 15 Agility vocal exercise on a ninth

Vocaliza de agilitate pe interval de nona urmareste lejerizarea vocii. Atentia se indreapta spre o intonatie cat mai curata si spre diafragma care trebuie sa fie cat mai elastica. Aceasta vocaliza e bine sa fie executata cu un volum mai mic de voce urmarindu-se atingerea notelor acute intr-o constructie fireasca fara a forta sunetul sau fara a-l ingreuna de armonice joase.

The agility vocal exercise on a ninth is designed to help the voice loosen up. The focus is on a clear intonation and on the diaphragm which must be very elastic. This exercise should be carried out on  a low intensity, the aim being reaching for the high pitched notes in a natural way, without forcing the sound and without imposing on the sound the lower harmonics.

# 14 Agility vocal exercise on a fifth using vowel A

Vocaliza de agilitate pe vocala A pe interval de cvinta.

Aceasta vocaliza urmareste intonatia corecta precum si elasticitatea diafragmei in timpul executiei exercitiului in viteza (allegro).

This exercise aims at correct intonation and diaphragm elasticity during the exercise at a high speed (allegro).

# 13 Vocal exercise on a ninth

Aceasta vocaliza urmareste atingerea sunetelor inalte avand grija de construirea lor cu ajutorul a noua sunete alaturate. Pozitia primelor sunete din vocaliza trebuie sa fie foarte inalta dar sunetele nu trebuie sa aibe un volum prea mare. Volumul se creste pe parcursul vocalizei avand in vedere ca cel mai inalt sunet sa fie si cel mai puternic. Atentie deasemenea la intonatia corecta a sunetelor iar in ce priveste respiratia, aerul nu trebuie sa fie retinut ci trebuie consumat in totalitate.

The purpose of this exercise is to reach high notes by constructing them with the help of a range of nine tones. The position of the first sounds in this exercise must be very high pitched but the volume must not be high. The volume will increase during the exercise making sure that the highest note will also be the strongest. Be careful at the correct intonation, and, regarding breathing, the air must not be held in but completely consumed.

# 12 Vocal exercise on an octave

Aceasta vocaliza se intinde pe o octava folosind un arpegiu mare. Deschiderea gurii pentru sunetele ce urmeaza a fi intonate se pregateste dinainte. Acest lucru face ca sunetele acute sa aibe o deschidere controlata si nu sa fie aruncate in sus ca intr-un tipat. In timpul intonarii fiecarui sunet se intareste diafragma scurt iar in intervalul dintre sunete diafragma se relaxeaza la fel de scurt. Diafragma nu trebuie sa stea incordata tot timpul!!!

This exercise spans on an eighth using a major arpeggio. The opening of the mouth for the sounds that are to be intoned is prepared in advance. This makes the high notes have a controlled aperture and not be yelled out. During the intonation of each sound the diaphragm tightens for a moment and in between the sounds it relaxes for a brief moment. The diaphragm must not be tense all the time!

# 11 Vocal exercise on a sixth

aceasta vocaliza se intinde pe interval de sexta si urmareste ridicarea valului palatin si a omusorului pe ultimele doua cele mai inalte sunete din vocaliza fara a schimba deschiderea initiala a gurii.

This exercise on a sixth aims at lifting the palate and the uvula on the last two highest notes without changing the initial position of the mouth.